Research Section on Water, Energy and Disaster Management
(Head: Professor Kaoru Takara)

In cooperation with Kyoto University UNESCO Chair WENDI,
this research section deals with educational programs considering basic
important resources for sustainable development of the earth society such as
water, energy, food, and ecosystem as well as disaster management. It also
implements international cooperation research making use of world heritages,
Geoparks and Biosphere Reserves.

The objective of the UNESCO Chair on Water, Energy and Disaster Management for Sustainable Development, Kyoto University (WENDI) is to equip students with knowledge, superior skills and broad perspectives to address the many challenges that today’s societies face. WENDI thus offers a novel and interdisciplinary Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD) Programme, a solid certificate programme, and also encourages and values students’ self-learning.  WENDI aims at contributing to achieving the SDGs as well as establishing resilient societies through collaborative education and research with established researchers and experts from the United Nations, international organizations, other UNESCO Chairs and Centres, governmental organizations, universities, research institutions and private enterprises.

This Research Section supports activities of WENDI in the Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies (GSAIS) in Human Survivability and promotes exchanges with not only staff and students in GSAIS but also researchers, practitioners, people in and outside of Kyoto University, planning and implementing cooperative research projects, and research and lecture meetings in regards to water, energy, food, ecosystem and disaster management, which are vital to sustainable development and human survivability.


Members: Kaoru Takara, Yosuke Yamashiki, Hiroaki Nagayama, and Mika Shimizu (GSAIS);

Yasuto Tachikawa (GS of Engineering); Shigenobu Tanaka, Michinori Hatayama, Takahiro Sayama,

and Florence Lahournat (DPRI); Keiichi Ishihara (GS of Energy Science); Hideaki Ohgaki (IAE);

Mamoru Kanzaki and Tatsuhiko Shiraiwa (GS of Agriculture);

Takahito Yoshioka and Naoko Tokuchi (FSERC)


(1) Implementation of HESD Program at UNESCO Chair WENDI:

A. Water Resources & Disaster Management,
B: Aquatic Environment & Water Quality,

C. Global Energy & Environment, D: Sustainable Biosphere Utilization & Ecosystem Management,

E. Connectivity of Hills, Humans & Oceans, and
F: Creating Resilient Societies.

(2) Promotion of International Cooperation Research Making Use of Field Sites

-Scientific Significance and Preservation of world heritages, geoparks and biosphere reserves;
-Research on water and ecosystems cooperated with UNESCO IHP and MAB programs; and
-Research on science, technology and innovation with ASEAN countries (JASTIP).